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*WELCOME to the NEW WHW*  

We no longer accept insurance. We are providing Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Herbal Coaching, and Energy Healing ONLY at this time.  Psychotherapy may be available in OR, WA, DC, and NV. If you are a previous medication patient of WHW and need to access your records please fill out a Release Of Information.

You can request an ROI form HERE.

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Our Story


WHW began as a Holistic Mental Health practice offering psychotherapy and medication management.

Continuous changes in laws and insurance reimbursements have placed far too many restrictions on the quality of services we provide. Because of this, we have canceled our agreements with third-party insurance companies and pivoted our services into full-time Life Coaching and Energy Healing. These are services insurance does not cover. We will no longer be providing prescriptions for medication but will provide education related to possible pharmacology that may be beneficial. Traditional psychotherapy may be available at a cash-only rate depending on your state.

We are pleased to work hand-in-hand with your primary care providers, mental health providers, and/or other specialists. 

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Dr. Renee Diane
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- Doctor of Nursing Practice (Marysville University, St. Louis)
- Master of Science In Nursing (University of Akron, Ohio)
- Bachelor of Science In Nursing (University of Akron, Ohio)


- Certified Professional Coach (WCI)

- Certified Spiritual Counselor (AIHCP)

- Reiki Master & Teacher (Usui Ryoho Tradition)

Meet Renee Diane

Renee Diane has been providing individuals with the tools to improve their quality of life and achieve their goals for over 19 years.  She has been studying the healing practice of various world religions and philosophies for over 23 years. She combined her teaching from her formal training, life experience, and self-study to create a truly unique form of holistic coaching-based healing.

Specialties & Focus of Interest:

- Spirituality & Culture

- Overcoming Perfectionism

- Sleep Improvement 
- Future Focused Problem Solving 
- Complimentary & Alternative Practices

- Dream Interpretation 

- Energy Healing

- Healing through Tarot

- Reiki

- Aromatherapy & Herbology

Registered Nurse Life Coaching and Holistic Education Services Available In: 

Alabama Arizona Arkansas Colorado Delaware Florida Georgia Guam Idaho Indiana  Iowa Kansas  Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska New Hampshire  New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin  Wyoming 

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Services  - Psychotherapy and Medication Management (if indicated): 

Oregon, Washington, Nevada, District of Columbia